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The simple answer is there are many ways and how you engage is up to you. Here are some suggestions...

1. Read the unfinished script
2. Work out how you'd like to adapt it and who else might be interested in helping you?
3. What kind of live event would you like to create to share your version of the story?
4. What local resources are available to help you?
5. Make your play and invite people to see it
6. Find an appropriate way to document what you are doing
7. Share your event via the BiDiNG TiME vimeo or You Tube channel

In a world that favours answers, we have questions.
What does this story mean to you?
What are the conditions like for young women in your area, what do they hope for and dream of?
What are the local environmental challenges for your area and how does that impact on the story?
Who are the local environmental experts in your area and can they help you?

There are some wonderful experts and advisors ready to help if you need it. So many people have already been generous with their time and resources already while making this project. There is a growing apetite for change and BiDiNG TiME is open to change, preparing the ground for change.  

Projects in 2012 included a production at the Brit School, London (January) a workshop production for the Adelaide Fringe (March), an English/French workshop aboard a tall ship (English Channel, June), a roving community production in Tonbridge, Kent (July) and a team of women exploring movement themes as part of the London Pleasure Gardens (London Olympics, August) and a Scottish production - Biding Time (Remix) in Glasgow (November).  

In 2013 there was a walk - London-Canterbury (4 days), Walks & Talks at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe with Biding Time (remix) starting to tour Scotland.

During 2014 Biding Time (remix) toured Scotland and England and will be featured in the Made in Scotland program at the Edinburgh Fringe, playing at Summerhall.

Pippa Bailey and Bronwen Morgan began hosting talks about where theatre meets social reserach - and how the BiDiNG TiME project addresses issues arising in social enterprise in many different parts of the world.

In 2015 BiDiNG TiME was listed as one of the Libertine 100 - projects that could change the world, Biding Time (Remix) toured to Brazil.

We will continue promoting the project and encouraging people to join the experiment. We are interested in collective creative action. The next international moment for the project will take place in 2016 & 2017. Please go to the blog to follow our progress

Biding Time is creating new pathways and unlikely connections.  This project focuses on process and unlikely connections. This process implicates everyone who engages with it. And if you are reading… that means you!