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Beyond Curiosity and Desire - Towards Fairer International Collaboration

Wed, 11/07/2018
PIppa Bailey has contributed to this new Toolkit created In collaboration with On the Move and DutchCulture, by compiled by Mike van Graan. The publication explores why and how artists and cultural professionals can adopt a more equitable approach to international and intercultural collaborations.
Many contemporary arts professionals and organisations increasingly engage in international activities, ranging from joint projects to exchanges, from residencies to co-productions. However, misunderstandings and false assumptions are very common, and can complicate the process, if not undermine the results. While the most obvious issue in international artistic and cultural collaborations is economic disparity,other elements deserve to be carefully considered, including historical links between countries, different political contexts, technical infrastructure and skills, freedom to travel, living and working conditions, aesthetics, traditions, among others. All these issues influence expectations and engagement. Only honest, and at times uncomfortable, conversations can clarify such issues and build trust between partners.