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Proud to be one of the Libertine 100

Sun, 08/03/2015

Launched today, BiDiNG TiME and Pippa Bailey are recognised by Libertine and added to the Libertine 100 list. Libertine is a London based magazine for thinking women. Libertine was launched in 2013 and its mission is to celebrate achievement and intellect above appearance, and to show the next generation just what can be achieved by prioritising substance above style.

They say:"The Libertine 100 is a carefully chosen community of thinkers, all women – with complex, beautiful and potentially world-changing ideas. They challenge our thinking and motivate us to do bigger and better things together.

The people in the Libertine 100, we believe, deserve a far more prominent platform in contemporary culture; a platform provided solely on the merit of their ideas and their ability to go out there and get shit done. Taken in its entirety, the diverse and vibrant group provide a window into what’s now and next in contemporary culture. Several of their ideas are controversial, others speculative and futuristic, but we feel richer for having engaged with them.

The Libertine 100 will drive our activities throughout the year, but we want to build a platform, not a pedestal. As a member of the community you will have the opportunity to meet and hear them speak at relaxed events, delve deeper into their ideas online at and continue the debate at more intimate dinners and salons. If you know a brilliant thinker who should be in here – or you are that thinker – then please get nominating."

Its wonderful to be discovered online and selected by people you have never met. Its humbling to be in such illustrious company.